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Second hand Xair for sale


-June 2010 - nice blue w/ red 582 60 hrs no N # $10,500 us - Malcolm Brubaker, Michigan Sport Pilot Repair, LSRM-A, PPC, WS (989)513-3022 -brubakermal@yahoo.com
-March 2010 - XAIR F 582 $20,000 XAIR F 582 Blue head IVOPROP In-Flight Adjustable Props with a Constant Speed Electronic Governor and tuned exhaust, Very nice, clean, like New only 100 hours. Contact Catalina Vazquez, Broker - located El Paso , TX USA Telephone: 915-852-3554
-July 2009 - Xair standard yellow & red, sails and seats faded but good. no bent parts, wide entry will sell whole or parts. $4000.00. Will deliver for expenses or you pick up e-mail for photos and questions. No sale outside us.


If you look for or want to sale a second hand Xair, just send us your ad (and eventually a picture of the plane)
and we will include it in these pages.